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JiangSu JuGuang Photoelectrlc Co.,Ltd.

Preheat Start Germicidal Lamps G55T6VH/HO/2P
Preheat Start Germicidal Lamps G75T6VH/HO/2P
Preheat Start Germicidal Lamps G40T6VH/2P
Preheat Start Germicidal Lamps G20T6VH/2P
Preheat Start Germicidal Lamps G15T6VH/2P
UV lighthouse ZXJ-T30W Desktop
Bed unit sterilizer
Plasma Air Sterilizer
ID-type cold-hole surgery lights
Visual table lamp 2.5 m
Ion mass of air disinfection and purification machine PT-130G
Portable ozone machine
Air Sterilizer KT-G120 cabinet
KT-B80 air sterilizer
KT-B60 air sterilizer
Laminar flow clean machine renderings
Ozone air disinfection Wall
Plasma Air Sterilizer PT-70B
KT-G100 (mobile) air sterilizer
KT-G120 (mobile) air sterilize
Standard Output Garmicidal Lamps GPH330T5L/2P
Standard Output Garmicidal Lamps GPH250T5L/2P
Standard Output Garmicidal Lamps GPH245T5L/2P
Standard Output Garmicidal Lamps GPH238T5L/2P
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